Custom Fabrication

When a customer has a vision, perhaps a very small drawing but nothing formal, Shoreline Fabrication Ltd. is there to build the tank, iron fences, decorative gates, security bars, or whatever is requested. We provide custom 3D and production machining as well as custom 2D artwork and drawing. We also perform all types of welding including TIG (tungsten inert gas) welding, Arc welding, and MIG (metal inert gas), and have waterjet cutting and forming equipment.

We can carry out smaller jobs for things you cannot buy in stores, such as:

  • Fully customized license plate covers
  • Oversize house numbers for acreages or homes
  • Special metal artwork of whatever you want
  • Metal arches, fences, or fence gates for homes and acreages

We can also perform large jobs that may include something you dream up, such as:

  • Light industrial equipment
  • Heavy industrial equipment
  • Oil field fabrication to build skids, tanks, or anything you need
  • Large acreage or large home jobs

This includes projects such as custom snowmobile trailers, custom decks for quads or 4-wheelers, and special hood fans, work countertops, and more for restaurants or industrial kitchens.

Some examples of projects we have completed in the past include:

  • Special staircases for homes or commercial properties
  • Truck tool boxes
  • Louvered sunshades on a home
  • Custom generator cover for RV
  • Stainless steel hood fans of specific types of metal for a home
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